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I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag – Good News Journal

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

By Lynn Wagner
Faith and Freedom News

“One nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”

It seems like yesterday (though it has been some 60 odd years), that I was an eager student in elementary school, well-disciplined in our daily routine and immersed in learning America’s history. I was secure and confident in knowing that I was blessed to live in the greatest country in the World.

Our school day started with the Pledge of Allegiance, and I can remember the pride that welled-up within me as I place my hand solemnly over my heart, gazing intently at the “Stars and Stripes” placed prominently in the front of my classroom. The recitation of the Pledge was followed by a prayer to God Almighty, petitioning for safety and a positive day of learning, concluding with praise in Jesus’s name.

No one objected – no one was offended – we held a deep-seated sense of belonging and pride as American citizens and children of the Most-High God.

My heart is breaking and deeply burdened for today’s kids… they are not encouraged to have pride in their country, nor a personal feeling of purpose as God’s creation. Quite the contrary – they are being indoctrinated to hate their heritage and to believe that God did not create them with divine purpose… knowing them even before they were formed in the womb. Today’s society believes kids only have inherent value if they are planned and wanted. Otherwise, they are disposable. That mindset is not lost on our children who survive the womb.

Actually, they are left confused and confounded by a liberal, evil doctrine that tells them that they aren’t necessarily who they appear to be or who they thought they were. They are being encouraged to wade into the murky waters of gender dysphoria, decide who and what they want to be (or more likely, who their parents convince them to be), and then proclaim to the World their preferred identity. This is the worse kind of child abuse… children should be secure in their identity…confident in embracing who God created them to be. Their individuality should be celebrated – not questioned. Our children should not be used as pawns in some political ideology that seeks to create confusion and chaos in the name of power and political pursuits.

We used to teach our children to believe the scientific evidence, which, by the way, is never in conflict with God’s Holy Word. Now they are encouraged to ignore their DNA (which is unchangeable) and ignore the divine plans that God wished for them, even before they were “fearfully and wonderfully” knit together in their mother’s womb. No wonder we have a generation of confused and angry young people. The very foundation of hope and happiness is based on knowing our place and divine purpose in the World.

But back to the Pledge of Allegiance…One Nation Under God.

What a mockery the liberal left has made of those cherished words, “One Nation.” They want us to do away with our borders, welcome illegals who often cross our borders to profit from drug and human trafficking. They despise nationalism – they push for globalism and abhor the concept of One Nation “Under God.” They were even so bold as to kick God out of their Democratic platform years ago. They only invoke His Name and Holy Word when they believe it is expedient to score political points. It was not long ago (because I can remember) when Democrats and Republicans alike worshipped God, recognized His blessings, feared His judgments, and proudly proclaimed the U.S.A. as a Christian nation. They have forgotten Psalm 33:12, “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.”

The Pledge continues…Indivisible.

Never in my lifetime have I seen our nation as divided as it is now. Mark 3:24 KJV says, “And if a kingdom be divided against itself that kingdom cannot stand.” Our division is not just a matter of Democrats vs. Republicans, black vs. white, liberal vs. conservative. No, we have reached a point of division that is nothing less than good vs. evil… God vs. the Devil. The division is pushed by a radical left who understands in order to control “indivisible people,” they must find ways to divide them. And so, they do by race, by sexual identities, by class, and by political ideology. They encourage riots and chaos, discord, and division to ensure that no one else trusts anyone else. And thus, the rich and powerful can remain rich and powerful while the populace is up in arms with one another, unable to find common ground to combat the control of an over-reaching, out of control government.

And last but not least… With Liberty and Justice for All.

And with the final proclamation of our beloved Pledge of Allegiance, we are forced to admit that the entire oath is now obsolete… just empty, meaningless words from days gone by.

Let’s look at our supposed “liberty” – freedom of speech is gone. The propaganda arm of the liberal left, the mainstream media, has silenced all speech that doesn’t promote the liberal ideology. Corporate monopolies like Google, Facebook, and Instagram not only silence opposition to progressive liberals – they are actually violating anti-trust laws to shut down conservative competition like Parler. Conservative citizens are being threatened with arrest, harassment, losing their jobs, and violence simply for unifying their voices in peaceful protest of injustices.

President Biden has already signed executive orders which violate the rights of heterosexuals all across this land. And the new VP has promised that if Congress does not act to curb our right to bear arms, the new administration will.

Lastly, I reflect on “Justice for All.” For months during 2020 leading up to the election, BLM and Antifa groups burned private businesses, attacked federal courthouses, burned police precincts, leaving some three-dozen dead in the wake of violence. Yet, liberal leaders were calling it “a Summer of Love” and “mostly peaceful protests,” while our new VP, Kamala Harris, even said “it will not stop…it should not stop,” and proceeded to raise bail money for those who had been arrested for violent crimes. Compare that to the treatment of conservative protestors who recently protested peacefully at the Capitol. Most were not involved with those who entered the White House, yet they have been threatened, maligned, even fired from their jobs, and labeled as Domestic terrorists.

No… there is no “Justice for All.”

The evil agenda of the liberal left has made a mockery of our beloved “Pledge of Allegiance,” something sacred to generations of patriotic Americans. Patriotism is now ridiculed, conservative values called bigotry and hate speech, while equality has a whole new meaning that equates taking the money and rights of those who hold traditional values and giving it to those who wish to fundamentally change America.

Our patriotism and Godly heritage sustained us for some 244 years. I’m afraid that could, and perhaps will be lost in the next 4 years.

God, help us… God, heal us… and once again, may God bless America, that once shining City on a Hill and beacons of hope and help for the entire World.