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Man Fears For His Life Asked Siri ‘How Can I Get Saved?’ – Good News Journal

Man Fears For His Life Asked Siri ‘How Can I Get Saved?’

A man who works as a police officer for 20 years was put in quarantine after getting sick recently. Fearing he caught the virus, he questioned his spirituality and asked Siri for answers.

The virtual assistant popped up results through Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website, Search for Jesus. David (not his real name for privacy) clicked and chatted with a volunteer, Gloria, from the online ministry.

“I’m struggling with faith, and with everything going on..” he started the conversation. During these uncertain times, he would look for peace within himself. Gloria replied, “The catch with that, though, is that our inner selves can be really disturbed by what we see and hear. That can lead to anxiety..”

She then led him in finding true peace through Jesus. The quarantined man was hesitant at first believing that living right can give you good standing with God. But while he was waiting for results after getting checked from the coronavirus, he started feeling anxious. “Living a good life seemed no longer adequate.”

“I’m so lost and very scared,” he admitted. “Those are important words: ‘I’m so lost’. You have already taken the first step towards God. You know that you have a problem. It sounds like you have been figuring out that your way is not the best,” the minister responded.

Eventually, Gloria shared the gospel with David from verses Romans 6:23 and John 3:16. The police officer said that he prayed the prayer asking Jesus to be his Savior found in the website. Nevertheless, Gloria emphasized to David that “the power to have peace with God doesn’t come from the words in prayer but from faith in Christ.”

The online ministry reported that the “Lord had once again used a temporary crisis to lead one of His children to eternal life. In this time of uncertainty, it is one more reason to believe God’s Word is always true.”