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Clovid 19 Cloud of Confusion – Good News Journal

Clovid 19 Cloud of Confusion

“There is a remarkable book which was published several years ago. In the book, Canon Roger Lloyd, an arch-demon, instructs his subordinates on an ancient and effective piece of satanic strategy. ‘Insert yourself into the simple situations which call for plain and obvious duties,’ urges this one demon, ‘and complicate them, and complicate them again, until at last no one involved in them can make sense of the confusion.’

“Isn’t that where we are now in this COVID 19 crisis? The simplest, plainest, and most obvious duties, our duty to preserve freedom, our rights to work and worship, are being seriously complicated by certain people in charge of navigating us through this pandemic. We should beware. The Bible says God is not the author of confusion (I Cor. 14:33).

“We should all earnestly pray that nefarious forces, which may indeed be at work to rob us of our liberties, would be found out and their efforts brought to nothing.

“Moreover, we would be unwise to sit idly by and presume the authorities or government are always looking out for our best interests. History has disproven such faith over and again.

“Pray folks. I mean we should earnestly pray – pray for the forgiveness of sin – pray for a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ – pray for individual and corporate salvation – pray for both the wisdom and the courage to know if, when, or how we should respond to these confusing circumstances.”