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A Way to Overcome Addictions, Anger, Bitterness and Loneliness in 2020 – Good News Journal

A Way to Overcome Addictions, Anger, Bitterness and Loneliness in 2020

If you have the a heart attack, a broken leg, a bad case of the flu or any other major physical problem you would go see a doctor. But where would you go for help if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol or pornography? What if you have anger management problems, or are bitter, or lonely or just feel spiritually stagnant?

According to researchers at the Center for Bible Engagement, there is a place readily available to everyone and can help with all of the above. Thousands of people across various ages, nations, and denominations were recently included in a research study that showed amazing results in overcoming many of life’s problems by doing one simple thing…reading your Bible at least four times each week. Bible reading once, twice, and three times a week was not found to have the same impact.

“In fact, the lives of Christians who do not engage the Bible most days of the week are statistically the same as the lives of non-believers,” researchers say.

Someone who engages the Bible four or more times a week is 228 percent more likely to share faith with others, 407 percent more likely to memorize scripture, 59 percent less likely to view pornography, and 30 percent less likely to struggle with loneliness. Anger issues dropped 32 percent. Bitterness in relationships dropped 40 percent. Alcoholism dropped 57 percent. Feeling spiritually stagnant or distant from the Lord dropped 60 percent.

Whether it is a coincidence or a God-incidence, Christian leaders from across the globe have been joining their resources in a movement declaring 2020 the “Year of the Bible.” The movement has garnered support from Pope Francis, Ravi Zacharias, Francis Chan and over 20,000 churches and ministry organizations in more than 100 nations.

Nick Hall, the founder of “Year of the Bible (YOTB),” explained that the Bible is the most influential and misunderstood book in history and the movement simply would ask people, “Look to the Bible for yourself, and what if this was your year to be inspired?”

“I’ve spent the majority of my life not loving the Bible,” he said. “I think we’ve taught people that go to church to love good music and good preaching, but most of us have not been taught to love the Bible and read the Bible on our own. It’s almost like this foundational part of our faith that we’re missing. If you go to church and all you do is listen to podcasts, you’re missing out. You need daily bread. God wants to speak to you and bless all areas of your life.”

The fact that Christian leaders were given the vision to declare 2020 the “Year of the Bible” at about the same time that research proves the tremendous benefits of daily Bible reading should make us all pick up our Bibles with renewed enthusiasim.
So, if you didn’t make daily Bible reading one of your New Year’s resolutions… do it now! The research says that the rewards are to great to not give it a try!