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Worse Excuse of the Month for Missing Church: I Overslept. – Good News Journal

Worse Excuse of the Month for Missing Church: I Overslept.

For so long, the enemy has tried to get God’s children to turn their back completely to the Lord. But it’s a hard sell to convince someone to go from love to hate that quickly. Instead, he’s found it’s much easier to distract us from God by convincing us it’s so much easier to skip out on church than to get up and go on Sunday morning. We need to be stronger than that and to look our Sunday morning excuses square in the eyes and tell them to hit the road! This months worst excuse for missing church is: I OVERSLEPT.

This is hands down the number one excuse for missing church on Sunday morning, and I’d be lying if I said that I have never fallen victim to oversleeping. I mean—it happens to the best of us! You stay up too late binging Netflix causing you to completely sleep through your alarm the next morning. When it becomes a problem, though, is when this excuse is happening week after week after week.

The good news is this is one of the easiest excuses to nip in the bud. How? Set your current alarm louder or get a new alarm if need be. Have a friend give you a wakeup call, have your roommate bang on your door, or make plans to get breakfast with a friend before church. Try to go to bed earlier on Saturdays. There are so many options that this excuse doesn’t hold up anymore.