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It’s Been a Hard, Hot Summer in Israel – Good News Journal

It’s Been a Hard, Hot Summer in Israel

The “March of Return” has rumbled on for more than 20 weeks. During that time, 160 Palestinians have been killed in clashes with Israeli forces at the Gaza/Israel border.

Israel has taken a beating from the world press for its defense of its border. But most of those media outlets don’t tell the full story.

One day last week, more than 9,000 Palestinian rioters stormed the Israeli border. They carried Molotov cocktails and other explosives. Grenades were hurled at Israeli soldiers.

Hamas operatives fly kites and balloons into Israel. They carry payloads of firebombs. Gazans have used such devices to cause hundreds of fires since the “March of Return” began. These fires have burned more than 7,000 acres.

Last week alone, Hamas fired over 200 rockets, missiles, and mortar rounds at Israeli civilians. Some of those missiles struck near playgrounds filled with Israeli children.

Hamas snipers have killed and injured Israeli soldiers.

The mainstream media also downplays the fact that most of the Palestinians killed by the IDF are Hamas soldiers or members of other Palestinian militias.

There have been about a dozen Palestinian children killed in these clashes, but the media never demands to know why the Palestinians are deliberately bringing their small children into live firefights. The answer is simple. Hamas has always hidden themselves, their arsenals, and their rocket launchers among civilians, especially children. That way, when the Israelis respond to attacks, civilians and children are certain to be collateral damage.

It makes for effective propaganda, especially when the complicit mainstream media swallows it hook, line, and sinker.

But Israel is a miracle nation. God promised that in the last days of this age, He will bring His people back into their own land. And though those days will be difficult, in the end He will personally defend them and they will never be dispersed again.

So those who fight against this miracle nation are fighting a losing battle. The Book of Revelation speaks of a massive revival among Jews after the Rapture. And Romans 11:26 promises that, “All Israel will be saved.”